Free Movie next Saturday

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Of By For will be shown at the Market Street Cinema in west Little Rock next Sat night. Follow the link for time and other information.


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In the news lately, the National Security Agency (NSA), has been exposed again for the continued abuse of, the attempted destruction and dismantling of the constitution of the United Sates of America. Not to mention the using of the Department of Justice (DOJ) to come in behind the NSA, and wrongly accuse an American citizen of disclosing “classified material”. I submit to you the reader, that this “classified material” is not classified correctly in the first place. How many of us know how papers, things, documents, etc., are set forth to be “classified” under the different categories or levels of secrecy?

There are but a very very small number of people who make those calls on secrecy. That’s probably how that should be but, is that model of operation broken? The system we have now, seems from some reasonable voices in our country, to be broken. Can it be made better? Surely it can.

The most recent whistleblower Edward Snowden, worked for a company who still contracts with the NSA by the name of Booz Allen Hamilton out of California. Mr. Snowden, at great personal risk, is blowing the lid off this inexcusable assault on the constitution by people inside and outside the U.S. Government. But he’s not the first former NSA employee to throw light on some extremely dark places in the bowels of a government, that at this point operating outside the constitution, seems to be getting away with their crimes. Yes THEIR crimes.

Thomas Drake, a former Senior Executive at NSA, was charged under the espionage act after he blew the whistle on waste, fraud and illegal activity at the intelligence agency. Look him up. You will find a true American citizen not afraid of the fascist regime that masquerades as the U.S. Government. Considering what Mr. Drake, Mr. Snowden, Daniel Elsberg and others have done to expose the outright planned destruction of this country and the rights of its citizens, what is it gonna take for the citizens to rise up and say “I’m mad as hell, and I’m NOT gonna take it anymore?” Have we become so complacent to government corruption that we expect it no matter what or how big the ramifications are? Really?

We, the American people, should at all costs, protect these people who bring forth the truth about what rouge elements of all branches and agencies within the U.S. Government are doing to undermine the rights of everyone in this country. Thomas Drake recently spoke to the National Press Club back in March, which was prior to the Snowden expose of NSA abuses, about this very issue. You can watch that speech at (copy and paste) . In this speech, Mr. Drake warns those who wish to come forward with wrongs committed to NOT go to the F.B.I. That should speak volumes about the situation we as citizens of this country face.

Mr. Drake goes on further in this speech to say; “If we starve liberty at the expense of an increasing myopic, oppressive state of security we now have, then what will we have left to defend?”

Remember when the U.S.A. criticized East Germany and their fascist state, for all of the surveillance on all the citizens? Isn’t that exactly what is going on here? Where is the outrage from the public? The government will tell you that they only have “meta-data”, meaning phone numbers and times, dates of calls, etc., but do you really believe that? This is the same group of thugs that said to congress not too many days before the Snowden expose, “we are not keeping tabs and recording information on every american citizen.” What congress people knew what? And when did they know it? These questions need to be ask, and answered. Nothing less will do.

Someone once said that power tends to corrupt, and right now, the current gang that pro-ports itself to be our government is corrupted. Make no mistake about that. Has it corrupted absolutely? Let’s hope not. History teaches us that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Make no mistake about that either. Our founding fathers of this country never ever EVER intended for such a concentration of power to go unchecked by the american people, but yet, that is what we are facing right now. Some of the wrongs committed by our government that Mr. Drake brought forward, will never see the light of day because of this corrupted system with no checks and balances. Where are the judges whom might be willing to stand up to these acts of tyranny? Are there any?

Our government is actively engaged in killing these messengers, so that they can perpetuate the “american exceptional-ism” school of thought. Their actions are also a direct threat to the first amendment, because, as it turns out from leaked words spoken at the Bradley Manning trial, the U.S. soldier on trial for the leaking of documents to wikileaks concerning war crimes committed by the U.S.A., the prosecutor was asked if Pvt. Manning had gone to the media in this country to expose these crimes, would anything be different? The prosecutor said no. That is nothing but chilling to think about.

We invite you the reader, to go back and do a little research on the Church committee hearings in congress. See how this country has devolved into a fascist regime headed for who knows where. Time to draw the line in the sand. Stand up and be counted. Make your voice be heard. Your children and grand children are depending on you. If the government succeeds in silencing dissent about the wrongdoings committed in the name of the U.S.A., then what stops them from taking away the rest of your rights? You will not be able to speak out against it.

We at OLR, know only too well about the secret government spying that was, and is, going on. We are not saying “I told you so” but, it is said in the hopes that the readers of this, will pass this information forward to others. To help educate citizens.


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The General Assembly of Occupy Little Rock voted this past weekend to change the day of weekly meeting from Sundays at 2:00p.m., to Saturdays at 7:15p.m. This coincides perfectly with the new time of the OLR Radio Show, which has moved from Tuesdays at noon, to Saturdays at 6:00p.m. till 7:00p.m. cst. This will make it easier for occupiers to attend, in person, the radio show on KABF 88.3 fm, and then the meeting will be held immediately after the show in the lot at 21st and Main str., in Little Rock, Ar., which is where the station is located.

This announcement, is also a special invitation to all occupiers from around the state to get in touch with us about having your particular Occupy group on the show. We would love to have you. You may contact Greg Deckelman at 501-218-5869 or Chris Nielsen at 501-672-8823 or Kaitlin Lott at 501-339-4588 for booking information and availability.


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Arkansas’ attorney general Dustin McDaniel had a press conference Tuesday, in which he detailed air quality problems that are ongoing in Mayflower, due to the oil spill.

McDaniel said, “Many continue to suffer from headaches and nausea and air sampling continues to show that the carcinogen benzene remains in the air. I have a real concern about the long and short term affects of carcinogens released into the air which are still detectable in the living rooms of people in that area”.

He also went on to say that tests reveal that there are still harmful chemicals in the air from the oil and what some residents have been feeling is also proof of that. This is contrary to what other federal agencies and Exxon have said.

The attorney general visited the site and with residents just last week. He spoke with residents from both the North Woods subdivision, where the leak occurred, and the cove.


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Today in Little Rock (LR) in the most unlikely of all possible courtrooms (more on that later) a very important constitutional battle was fought concerning the rights of citizens to peacefully assemble in a public place, on public property, and exercise freedom of speech without needing a permit.

The merits of the case of The City of Little Rock vs. Greg Deckelman and Kaitlin Lott, surrounds the fact that the ordinance does not list a specific number of citizens so as to know when you need a permit. Like say 10 or 20. Numbers had ranged from different interpretations of 10 to 25 during research on the matter by several citizens. Yes, after a certain number, traffic considerations, depending on where an assembly is held, certainly come into play. In this case 2 people were ticketed for unlawful public assembly in a parking lot owned by the city on a Sunday night at approximately 8:30 p.m. Really? Yes really!

Background as to the exact story of what happened that night back in October, can be found in a post here

As to how the case wound up taking 6 months to go to trial, well that’s another story. First was plea and arraignment. Then first trial date set. Upon arrival at that date, the prosecution stated that the case was in the wrong court and that Judge Lightle’s court did not have jurisdiction over the matter. That was quite the surprise since the judge tries cases every day over criminal matters from LR. It was decided to move the case to environmental court in LR. That’s right. The same court you go to if you fail to mow your lawn or park your car or truck in your yard, etc. The judge is Mark Leverett.

Fast-forward to today. Trial set for 1:30 p.m. and all parties arrive. The prosecution offers the standard, “if they stay out of trouble for 6 months we’ll drop all charges”. The deal is turned down and the defense attorney David Couch, tells the prosecutor the defendants want a trial instead. Court is recessed till 2:00 p.m. The defendants are now left wondering but hoping, that there will be a trial, so the ordinance can be changed. The city has been kicking this can down the road way way to long.

As almost 2 p.m. comes around the defendants Deckelman and Lott re-enter the courtroom and also in the courtroom come three (3) LR police officers familiar to the defendants. Promptly at 2 p.m., the judge re-enters the courtroom. The familiar “All rise” is heard and the first OLR trial is only moments away from the start.

Everyone is sworn-in for possible testimony and the trial begins. BTW, no opening arguments. The first witness is called. The officer who arrested Mr. Deckelman. He testified that he was instructed by the Sgt. on scene to issue a citation to Mr Deckelman after much discussion had gone on, quite cordially, between Mr. Deckelman and the Sgt. and Miss Lott. The officer also testified that were a total of 7 people, that he remembered, being on the parking lot, including some children. On cross examination from the defense, the officer was ask how many people in his judgement constituted a “public assembly”? His answer was two (2). This answer, to the same question that was asked of all of the testifying policemen, was the same, two (2).

The other arresting officer took the stand and pretty much the same testimony was heard. But when it came time for the Sgt. to testify, things would be different. Under cross examination, the Sgt. said that under the current ordinance, a birthday party held in a public park would fall under this ordinance and an assembly permit would be required.Now this is obviously said in the context of prior testimony, saying that two or more people gathered in a public space, with prior planning of the event, i.e. protest, birthday party in a public park, couple walking down the sidewalk, etc., etc., these people need a permit.

Each officer said that they deferred to the Sgt. on the night in question about the ordinance, and the Sgt. deferred to his boss a Lieutenant, and that he understood it went all the way to a Captain for a decision as to whether a charge would be levied against Mr. Deckelman and Ms. Lott.

Mr. Deckelman took the stand and testified to the events of the evening, making the point that he did not think a permit was required due to his being told the threshold for needing a permit was 25 persons, and his knowledge of permitting issues he had already gone through with the city concerning other permits OLR had obtained in the past from the city. He also testified that the protest was to only take place overnight with a small group of protesters numbering somewhere from about 10 to 15 people from OLR who had only planned about one (1) week ahead of time for the protest.

Closing statements came next, and the defense made the overall points of; 1) the ordinance has no number attached as to what amount of citizens makes up a “public assembly”; 2) the arbitrary enforcement possibilities of this ordinance because of that make it unconstitutional.

The prosecution disagreed with this and the judge spoke up at this point saying that he was bothered by the fact that an individual officer decides this and that how is the citizen supposed to know if they are violating the law or not and facing possible arrest.

The judge, obviously troubled by the testimony heard, said he was taking the case under advisement, and the attorneys would supply further briefs and cases to help in his decision. The decision is expected in about one week.


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The trial for two (2) Occupy Little Rock (OLR) members will take place Monday April 22, 2013 at 1:30 p.m. It will be held at 600 W. Markham str. in Little Rock in the municipal courts building right next to city hall.

The members on trial are Kaitlin Lott and Greg Deckelman, whom were arrested last October at the OLR protest site located in downtown Little Rock at 4th and Ferry str., right in front of the downtown post office. The story of their arrest is posted on this site.


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The trial for two (2) Occupy Little Rock (OLR) members will take place Tuesday March 5th, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. It will be held at 600 W. Markham str. in Little Rock in the municipal courts building right next to city hall.

The members on trial are Kaitlin Lott and Greg Deckelman, whom were arrested last October at the OLR protest site located in downtown Little Rock at 4th and Ferry str., right in front of the downtown post office.

The full story of their arrest is here

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by Kaitlin


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Thanks to Sid and Greg, the website has been restored! Everyone who regularly attends GA (yes you Mel and Chris) please create profiles so I can add you as admins. The domain name and server are still a mystery, but we have some control at least!


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The following is a press release issued today :



PHONE: 501-218-5869 E-MAIL: Nov. 21, 2012

Protest Will Include a Fired Wal-Mart Employee

OLR will stage a protest against Wal-Mart in Little Rock on Black Friday Nov. 23, 2012 begining at noon. The location of the protest will be the Wal-Mart at the corner of Bowman and Chenal Parkway.

The protest will be centered around the treatment of employees. Their wages and the recent firing of Cayt Lawley, who worked at the Wal-Mart in Searcy, Ar. She will be in attendance at the protest and available for media interviews.

Ms. Lawley was fired for “organizing”, and we all know what that means.

She is delivering a letter to her former Manager in Searcy today at 3 p.m. in accordance with the Wal-Mart employee handbook that says she is entitled to a meeting within 24 hours after delivery of this letter.

The national organization, Our Wal Mart, will also be in attendance at the protest.

The protest is scheduled to last aprox. 2 hours.

# # #

For further info and access to Ms. Lawley prior to Friday, contact Greg Deckelman.


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There is a person by the name of Daniel Kimmery, who has been banned (through GA) from ALL OLR activities including GA’s. This person has exhibited behavior that has threatened (including death) members of OLR ON MORE THAN ONE OCCAISION!! He is currently back in Arkansas. Be on the lookout for him.
You may use this youtube link to see what he looks like.